Software Development and Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Lab at Department VI (Computer Science and Media) represents the areas of Software Development including Compiler Design, and Software Engineering including Software Architecture.
We don't focus on specific technologies or techniques, and rather look at general approaches to developing high-quality software.

The lab mainly hosts exercise for our courses Software Development and Software Engineering, yet also Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Software Projects and Compiler Design within the Computer Science and Media (Medieninformatik) and Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik) degree programs.

Our lab offers development environments for many programming languages, as well as modelling tools.

44 computer terminals are available in two labs of 22 seats each, located in rooms E16a and E16b of Haus Bauwesen (D). All machines share a local, switched network, and are connected to a terminal server and the internet. Users have access to their centrally stored university data at any workstation.

Adjacent room E17 offers spaces for meetings and seminars, as well as for working in small teams.