Our Software Engineering Lab (SWE) is located at building D - Haus Bauwesen, Beuth University of Applied SciencesDepartment VI.


This lab provides 44 computer workstations and 50 seats at our seminar and team space. All three rooms (E16a, E16b und E17) are connected by internal glass doors, allowing for combined use of these three rooms. Wifi and 240V power sockets for notebook power supplies are available for every seat.

Computers / Workstations

22 Mac mini workstations are available in room E16a. They can be started with either MacOS or Linux.
Further 22 Linux workstations can be used in room E16b.

When using Linux, all workstations connect to powerful terminal servers. This allows for very low noise and heat emissions into our labs, while providing high computing performance to our users.

All workstations are connected to the internet, user data is stored centrally. This allows for convenient user data access (home data) from any seat.

Seminars, Meetings and Team Work

Next door room E17 offers spaces for meetings, seminars and team work exercises.
Wifi and notebook power sockets are available at every seat.

The seminar space offers 24 front facing seats and a large 70" screen, plus presenter PC and optional HDMI connectivity.

Within the team work space there are 3 team tables (up to 6 people each) with a large screen and HDMI connectivity each, plus a large table for up to 8 people.

Please note that the seminar area and team area are within the same room, divided by a partial wall.